The Week 15 Curse

The Atlanta Falcons are currently sitting 8-0 heading into their game with the New Orleans Saints this Sunday, which will put them past the halfway point and firmly on the road to the infamous 16-0. Only two teams have ever done this. Well that’s not strictly true. The Miami Dolphins were undefeated in 1972 when the league only played 14 games, I still think this counts. But The New England Patriots in 2007 was the last/only time a team has gone 16-0.

Now I’m not sure if it’s too early for the whole “they are going to go 16-0” chat, but did the curse of that let The Green Bay Packers down last year? Well, that depends what you think could knock off course a strong team who were coming from a Super Bowl winning season, the curse of the hype, or the Kansas City Chiefs (who finished rock bottom in the league at 7-9) or both. You decide. But either way only their 5 point loss in week 15 resulted in their 15-1 finish.

So, for the second year in a row are we looking at a contender in the Atlanta Falcons? Roddy White certainly seems to think so, “I think we got the pedigree to do it,” White told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You know how we are on offense and defense and how we are as a team. This locker room’s very, very united right now. Every week we expect to win. There’s not a time that I felt like we went into a ballgame so far this year that I felt like we weren’t going to win.”

The performances from Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and his 8th ranked offence has resulted in 27.5 points per game, impressive to say the least. It can therefore be argued that Ryan is half way to taking the MVP slot this year. Extra pressure? I think not. No reason to say that pressure is anything other than the increasingly aptly named Matty Ice’s friend.

Despite some strong wins and some tight wins the Falcons are yet to face a real test. I guess this will be the difference. Or will we see another 15-1 with a week 15 curse when they face off against the New York Giants? Anything is possible.


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